Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dr. Heisenseuss: Breaking Bad Eggs and Ham

I cook crystal meth, do you?
I cook it best when it is blue
I cook it in a boiling flask
I cook in a high school gas mask
I cook it in my underwear
I cook it so there’s money spare
I cook it in a campervan
I cook it for a stone faced man

I like to kill with ricin bean
I like to steal methylamine
I like to steal it from a train
I like expanding my domain
I like to be the very best
I like to rule the whole southwest
I like to keep from getting caught
I like chemistry a lot

I will blow off half your face
I’ll vanish you without a trace
I’ll melt you into sludgy goo
I’ll throw your pizza on the roof
I will be a total dick
Even though I’m super sick
I will melt through any locks
I will be the one who knocks

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